Monday, December 29, 2008

Major Mars: The Beast Plague From Jupiter

From Exciting Comics #1
by Max Plaisted

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Chuck Wells said...

Kid, at least now it looks like we will be able to welcome you to the year 2009 sooner - rather than later.

cash_gorman said...

Major Mars is actually the pulp character Captain Future, and this is an adaptation of his first adventure I believe (they did this a couple of times with various characters such as Secret Agent "X" and the Black Bat).

cash_gorman said...

In fact the following "The Mask Strikes" is the retelling of the origin of the Black Bat, just with a new mystery man moniker and the last names changed of him and his aides. So, Tony Quinn, Silk Kirby, and Carol Baldwin become Tony Colby, Silk Davis, and Carol Smith.