Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Spy of Napoleon

From Joe Yank #14
artist unknown

Click for larger image.


Anonymous said...

Awesome to have you back posting again. Keep up the great work!

Chuck Wells said...

I'm not so sure that the Kid isn't simply "slumming" it up via an impromptu posting experience.

Time will tell!

Kid Terror said...

Aw, I've missed you guys! Especially you Chuck!

Hopefully I can keep it up indefinitely, but I do tend to get burnt out after several months.

I got a sizable donation last night, so I'll be keeping it up at least until I get something purchased and scanned with that money. And, at least through the Summer, then it's back to upper level science electives, so we'll see.

This is by no means slumming! I've always found the Golden Age fan community to be one of the warmest most welcoming fan communities out there. Comparing you guys to the fans in my other hobby, you guys come off like a eugenics program initiated by Emily Post!