Friday, January 22, 2010

The Ghost: Menace of the Yeast Creature

From Thrilling Comics #49
by August Froehlich

Click for larger image.


Chuck Wells said...

Um, hello or should it be "welcome back"?

Great to see this surprise post today, and since its been a quarter of the year without fresh Nedor-A-Day stuff to peruse, the Ghost was as good a pick as any to get the ball rolling again.

Kid, just so you know, I picked up the banner in your absence and posted several Nedor-related jungle comics stories. I have even more Judy, Princess Pantha, Kara, Zudo and Tygra stuff forthcoming in the Catacombs, so I hope you enjoy them as they pop up. said...

Well, I enjoyed the art.

Kid Terror said...

Glad you guys are pleased. I'll definitely check out those Nedor Jungle comics Chuck. Thanks for carrying the torch!